About us

tourist hostel, located in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, on the right bank of the Momon River, 45 kilometers from the city of Iquitos; created in order that the living passenger a nice experience, feeling part of nature and thus enjoy all the charm and magic that gives us our Peruvian jungle, taking the opportunity to know the mysteries and traditions of the ancient Indian tribes the very jealously which they have been passed from generation to generation.

Amazon Rainforest Lodge is inspired by the traditional architecture of coastal villages, its construction is rustic and has everything you need to make your stay enjoyable; providing at all times careful treatment; bearing the slogan “Comfort and Quality in the middle of the jungle”.

It has 18 years experience since 1996 with the name of Amazon Rainforest Lodge. A few years ago was completely rebuilt, the restaurant called “The Hungry Monkey” was designed by the Arq. Jorge Burga and was built by Mr. Victor Ochoa, has a capacity of 120 people, it has a large swimming pool, 26 comfortable bungalows, games room, lounge hammocks among others.

Amazon Ecological Lodge SAC., Is the Company Administrator, represented by its General Manager Peter Schneider Sobol.

History Amazon Rainforest Lodge

The history of Amazon Rainforest Lodge starts for 1983 after I arrived in Peru, I heard about an amazing place in the mountains called Marcawasi, where there are hundreds of statues of stone human heads …